Money and Investment Tips by Deep Blue Publications Group LLC

Possessing basic money-handling and income-generating skills is important, especially with the economic crunch affecting big and small countries all over the world. The proverbial though blasphemous adage has never been truer than today: Money makes the world go round. And for thousands, it is a literal reality, as their hope of seeing another day becomes dimmer with each meal they miss.

But for the ordinary worker who gets a regular pay check each week or each month, having enough knowledge about money and how to make it work and multiply can spell the difference between a world one wants to keep going around or to make it stop so one can jump out.

Despair no more! It is never too late to learn new skills and techniques on money matters. Financial advisers are a-plenty nowadays what with Google making it a mere click away. Here are a few tips we can share here:

1. What you do not have, you can always find somewhere

Banks are not the only places to get loans from. Friends may have surplus cash they are willing to lend to someone who has the ability and diligence to make it grow. Or, cooperative groups that provide assistance to its members for a small business loan or for a multi-purpose loan. Taking the first step to look for capital for investing can produce great changes in one’s attitude and life.

2. Show your business plan

The trick to convincing people to part with their money so you can use it for your ideas is to present a simple and understandable business plan. It may not even be a written one. A verbal description of a project may already convince a relative or friend to lend you money for a venture. Of course, some may require a written contract. Your confidence in your idea should lead you to abide by their terms if that is the only way you can get capital.

3. Creativity always gives results

A friend once leased out a vacant lot and sub-leased it as a parking lot for a trucking company. He put a guard round-the-clock and provided minimal improvement and made more than forty times what he paid for it monthly. Not a bad deal for a creative guy who had a simple idea and worked his idea into reality. And anyone can do that with enough imagination and courage. The seed money may not even have to be there because if one really believes in a project, it will pay for itself. The down-payment for a lease will be enough to cover a loan you initially took out.

Keep cranking that brain of yours and you will eventually come upon an idea worth selling something valuable that you own in order to raise the capital and start rolling.

4. Get dirty

Starting a business or keeping one running will always require getting your hands dirty. Cleaning bottles for a peanut butter business or feeding pigs on a daily basis in your small piggery farm can seem menial but a necessary part in teaching you the fundamentals of running a business. Eventually, when you have other people doing the dirty work, you will have a better insight as to how the business runs and what makes for a successful operation.

Investing is not all about handling or making money; it is about thinking creatively, using your imagination, treating people compassionately and returning the fruits of your ventures back to your business and the people who keep the business growing and sustainable.