Deep Blue Publications Group LLC: Tips on real estate investment for beginners

A lot of people are considering the profits to be made from flipping houses.

Basically, flipping houses was defined as a type of real estate investment strategy in which an investor purchases properties at a discounted price and improves them to be able to sell it at a higher price.

However some beginners are often discouraged taking part in real estate investment. The following basic tips will help them on their voyage to discover financial freedom through real estate.

Be determined. Similar to what the famous quote says, “Determination today leads to success tomorrow”, real estate investment is not a scheme to get rich in an instant. It is a lifelong endeavor to take control of your financial future. You will certainly struggle. You are going to sacrifice money, opportunities, and time. You will make mistakes. You will fail. But successful individuals from Deep Blue Publications Group LLC are people who take those experiences and turn them into lessons to enhance their abilities.

Study basic math. The math included in a real estate investment is not college calculus. We are talking about basic math like a fifth grader’s math and it isn’t difficult to learn. Income minus expenses equals cash flow, that’s the kind of math you need to get good at. You could also use a basic spreadsheet or an investment property calculator to analyze a deal. The fastest way to fail on real estate is to forget that it is a number’s game.

Create a written plan. You wouldn’t take a road trip without a map, so you must take your voyage through financial freedom with a map. Sat down and create a plan to get from where you are to where you wanted to be. However life gives us unexpected outcomes and doesn’t follow the ideal, therefore you should value the principles from the plan you created.

You don’t need to become an expert in all things on real estate. As said earlier, some people are easily intimidated on real estate investing because of the vast information they need to understand. But the simple fact is that no one knows it all that well, you can be good at a small handful.

Keep a clean reputation. This provides you credibility and will help individuals to become loyal to you. You must keep your word and don’t ever tell a lie to a client. As you start working on real estate, you must keep intact of your reputation in this type of business.

Interact with local investors. You must learn from like-minded people. Real estate is a well-known field so you can possibly find a group in your area that focuses on earning profits in real estate. Local investors may have a far greater grasp at what works in your community. Begin spending time with them and ask them to show you some of their properties, or educate you with things you wished to learn more about. Many investors like to show off their accomplishments, so allow them to because they can give you helpful information.

You have to do your research. There are some investors who get so fortunate and make it big even though they are unsure of where they’re going to land after jumping in with both feet on real estate. However many of the time these investors fall and fall hard. Don’t be one of them. Do your research and stick to the niche or the specialization you want to invest in and learn everything you can about that subject. It doesn’t matter if you’re flipping properties of building them from the ground up but you should master what you’re doing.

It is okay to start small. Maybe your first investment will be your first home. Perchance you will begin with just a 50/50 partnership on a small flip. Don’t worry because that is okay.

Begin with a good bookkeeping now. Meet with an accountant as well as a lawyer after your first purchase and begin strategizing your bookkeeping, taxes, and legal holding status.

Hire a person or company that offers property management services if necessary. When investing in real estate, be realistic about the period of time you’ll be able to spend on property management. Tenant problems can definitely kill your time. If you find that you don’t have time to manage it then consider following this tip.

Don’t quit your ideal job. Investing has two faces: the career side and the investment side. It can be both but it doesn’t need to be both. If there is a career you liked better — ideal job, do that and invest on the other side. Find whatever job that makes you the happiest and do that but use real estate as your investment vehicle to achieve you journey to financial freedom.


Deep Blue Publications Group LLC: Two charge with insider trading by SEC

US authorities filed insider trading charges against two Indian entrepreneurs for allegedly gaining a million dollars from the proposed merger of India's Apollo Tyres and Cooper Tire and Rubber in 2013.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a complaint against private equity investor Amit Kanodia and his friend Iftikar Ahmed, a partner of Oak Investment Partners firm in Connecticut.

Kanodia, a graduate of University of Massachusetts and Ahmed, a graduate of Harvard Business School are facing criminal and civil charges filed by the SEC and Attorney's Office for Massachusetts. While insider trading sentences are usually less severe, they could still face a USD 5 million fine and a maximum of twenty years in jail because of the fraud.

According to the SEC complaint, Apollo agreed to acquire Cooper Tire in June 2013 for USD 2.5 billion. But two months before the merger of Cooper Tire and Apollo was announced to the public, Kanodia learned of it from his wife, the general counsel of Apollo that time. He then allegedly shared the confidential information with his friend Ahmed who went and purchased Cooper Tire shares.

After the deal was announced, Cooper Tire's stock price increased by 41%. That's when Ahmed apparently liquidated his Cooper Tire stocks and gained over USD 1.1 million. Deep Blue Publications Group LLC discovered that the proposed merger did not materialize anyway due to legal disputes between the two firms in December of 2013.

The SEC also claims that Kanodia received a kickback of USD 220,000 which was paid by Ahmed via a supposed charity organization of Kanodia called the Lincoln Charitable Foundation.

Kanodia's legal counsel told Deep Blue Publications Group LLC that his client is going to assert his innocence and will not plead guilty. And while any representative from Ahmed's camp cannot be reached, a spokesperson from Oak confirmed that he is placed on leave of absence.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said, "Trading on insider information is fraud, plain and simple."

Typically, when the SEC files insider trading charges, they come with corresponding settlements. However, there is none in this case as it says the investigation is still underway.